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61FRESH: A new twitter-based news aggregator for Boston

Today GlobeLab is releasing into early beta.Check it out here!We�re trying to find a way to bring all the news generated through the day in and around Boston into one place. And that means ALL the news, no matter where it�s reported: daily papers, monthlies,

Rocking the Raspberry Pi's streaming radio station  - RadioBDC was a year old last month, and the Globe Lab has been host to a dozen live performances during that time.The Lab is now also hosting RadioBDC's music on a slightly smaller stage - a RaspberryPi.We have had a

The Future We Will Create in Civic Media

Check out this video of Chris and I talking about GlobeLab!We at GlobeLab had a great time participating in the MIT Civic Media Conference in June. It was an exciting opportunity to present our work and vision to a community that our team holds in

An Interview with Dan Kennedy

Ahead of Dan Kennedy's visit to GlobeLab this Thursday, we sat down to talk about journalism, "The Wired City" and the role of non-profits in news. Come hear him this Thursday at GlobeLab and ask your own questions! His book is also available for purchase